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Versatility, serenity and all terrain.

Mountain guide and ski instructor. Practice alpinism, free climbing, extreme skiing and ice climbing.

Likes: Rock and Roll, beer and potato omelette.



Power, high difficulty and paranormal fingers.

One of the best climbers in the world. His specialty is the high difficulty in rock climbing.

Likes: Punk, world travel and rice.

Together they form one of the best bigwall free climb team of the planet characterized by the versatility, powerfull and innovation of their projects.



Eneko is born.


Iker is born.


First 300m peak summited- the Taillón in the Pyrenees.


They climb many of the Pyrenees’ highest peaks.


Eneko starts to climb “for real”.


Iker starts to climb “for real”.
They climb Mont Blanc, accompanied by their father.


Iker scends his first 8a, Sentido de la Vida, Etxauri in Navarre, Spain, which he
climbs on sight.

Eneko skis the Couloir de la Y (45º/300m) on the Peña Telera in the Pyrenees.


Iker scends Gora Begira ez dago Nekerik (8b+) at El Convento, Álava, Spain.

Eneko skis the Norte de la Munia (50º/850m) in the French Pyrenees.


Iker scends Mala Vida (8c) in Oñate, Guipuzcoa, Spain.

Both become instructors in the Escuela Vasca de Alta Montaña (Basque Mountaineering School).

Eneko skis the Couloir Swan (45-50º/600m), Astazous, French Pyrenees.


Together, and in one day, they make the first free ascent of Pilar del Cantábrico
(8a+/500m) on the Naranjo de Bulnes, Spain.

Eneko skis the Suela de la Zapatilla (50º/200m) on Candanchú in the Pyrenees.


Iker scends Guenga (8c+) in Baltzoa, Biscay, Spain. It is the first route of this
grade in the Basque Country.

Eneko scends his first 8a with Malestar General in Oñate, Guipuzcoa, Spain.

Eneko joins the Equipo Nacional de Jóvenes Alpinistas (National Young Alpinists Team).


Eneko travels to climb in Canada and the USA with the Equipo Nacional de Jóvenes Alpinistas.

Eneko reaches 7400m on Annapurna, but suffers a cerebral edema which nearly costs him his life.

Eneko attempts to climb Baghirathi III (6454m), reaching 5400m; and Ketharthome (6800m), reaching 6300m, both in the Indian Himalaya.


Together they climb The Great Canadian Knife (8a+/850m) on Mount Proboscis, Canada. They climb all the hard pitches but adverse weather conditions prevent
them from reaching the summit.

Iker makes the second repetition of Action Direct (9a), becoming the youngest climber to climb the route and the first Spanish climber to reach this grade.

Eneko skis the Norte del Monte Perdido (50-55º/900m) in the Pyrenees.


Eneko skis Vía Normal del Midi d’Ossau (55º/650m) and the Couloir la Fourche (50º/700m), on the Midi d’Ossau in the French Pyrenees.


Together they climb Silbergeier (8b+/250m) on the Ratikon, Switzerland.

Iker climbs Sorginetxe (8b+), the first boulder problem of this grade in Spain.

Eneko earns his diploma as a ski instructor.


They begin the 7 Walls, 7 Continents project with El Niño (8a+/850m) on el Capitán, Yosemite National Park, USA. It is the second free repetition of the route.

Eneko summits Cotopaxi (5896m).

Together they climb Zunbeltz (8b+/500m) on the Naranjo de Bulnes, the first free ascent. Part of the 7 Walls, 7 Continents project.

Iker climbs Mendeku (9a), Engino, Álava.

Iker scends the famous Baing de Sang (9a), Switzerland.


Bravo les Filles (8b+/600m), Madagascar. 1st free ascent. Part of the 7 Walls, 7 Continents project.


Free Route (7b/65m), the Totem Pole, Tasmania, Australia. First Spanish free ascent. Part of the 7 Walls, 7 Continents project.

Eternal Flame 8a/1100m, plus the Variante Pou (8a), a variant of Eternal Flame on the Trango Tower, Karakorum, Pakistan. Part of the 7 Walls, 7 Continents project.


El Quinto Imperio (8b/500m), Naranjo de Bulnes, first free ascent.

Lugorri (8c+/250m), Naranjo de Bulnes, opened and first free ascent.

Eneko skis Correder Norte del Veleta (45-50º/350m), Sierra Nevada, Spain.


Supercanaleta (6c/M6/2000m), Fitz Roy, Patagonia, Argentina. Part of the 7 Walls, 7 Continents project.

Schatila (7c/300m), New Age (8a/250m) both in Switzerland, and Freedom (8b/300m), Austria.

Blue Lagune, Legaxy, Cleopatra, and Batman (7b-7c/250-320m) on sight, Wendestock, Switzerland.

Elefhantenohr (7c+/300m), Wendestock, Switzerland.

First Spanish free ascent Azken Paradizua (7a/M6/750m) on a new peak in the Antarctica we christen Zerua Peak. After sailing Cape Horn and the Drake Sea from Ushuaia, Argentina, we opened this route on a virgin peak. This is the last of the 7 Walls, 7 Continents projects.

Eneko skis Canal Sureste de la Galana (50º/150m), Gredos, Spain.


Regular (5.12b/250m), Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, USA.

Astroman (5.11c/450m) Washington Column, Yosemite National Park, USA.

Eneko scends Sizauer Justizialaria (8b), Etxauri, Navarre, Spain. Second attempt.


Pachamama (5a/1000m), Morro Von Rosen (5450m), Argentina. First ascent of the south face of the Morro Von Rosen.

Vitoria-Gasteiz (85º/600m), Aguja Negra (5350m), Argentina. First ascent of the south face of the Aguja Negra.

Gure Etxea (60º/900m), Chañi Grande (5896m)- Punta Ibañez (5888m) and traverse to the Chañi Central, Argenina. First ascent of the north face of the Punta Ibañez.

Marcados por el Chañi (85º/650m), Chañi Chico (5570m), Argentina. First climb of the glacier of the south face of the Chañi Chico.

Orbayu (8c+/9ª/500m), Naranjo de Bulnes. Opened in combination with the route Mediterráneo and first free ascent.


The Hardest of the Alps. Ascents of three of the most difficult routes in the Alps over one summer: Solo per Vechi Guierrieri (8c/150m), Pan Aroma (8b/500m), and Zahir (8b+/300m).

Iker scends Demencia Senil (9a+), Margalef, Spain. First repetition.

Eneko scends Maritxu Kilkerra (8b+), Etxauri, Navarre, Spain.


Clasica Moderna (6c/1800m) (400 new metres), Brouillard, Mont Blanc, France. Opened.

Atraveso il Pesce (7b+/1000m), Marmolada, Italy. On sight.

Vía del Tótem (8a/300m), Pao de Azúcar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. First free ascent, and in one day.

Athalio del Diablo (8a+/400m), Cristo Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. First free ascent, and in one day.

Eneko scends Ume Gaiztoak (8b+), Etxauri, Navarre, Spain.

Gain official status as Mountain Guides.


The Door (8b/630m), Hotel Mónica (6b+/320m), Levi is coming (6b/490m), Perfection Valley, Baffin Island, Artic Circle, Canada. Opening of the routes and 1st free ascents.

Iker scends Nit de Bruixes (9a+). First free ascent.

Iker scends “Enemigo Público nº 1” (9a). First free ascent.


Ferrari (IV/6/95º/1000m), Cerro Torre, Patagonia, Argenina. Free ascent.

Kolpez Kolpe (7c+/8a/170m), Sierra de la Tramuntana, Majorca. Opening and free ascent of the route.

Tarrago (8b+/240m), Montserrat, Catalonia, Spain. First free ascent.


Eneko scends Perestroika (8c) in Majorca, Spain.

We open Pou Brothers Attempt (6c) on the Baghirathi II (6500m) in the Indian Himalaya. 600m of new route although we do not reach the summit.


“Siberia Expedition” Four new alpine style routes in the Russian artic: “Aupa” 6c/300 m, “Mosquito Rock Tour” 7a+/450 m, “Into the Wild” 7a/425 m and “The Two Parrots” 7a/320 m.

“Babe Magnet” 8b/170 m, Sierra de la Tramuntana, Mallorca; Opening and free ascent of the route.

Iker scends “Big Men” 9a+; First free ascent


Iker scends “La Gran Pagachivas” 8c+/9a; First free ascent

Guiris Go Home 8c on sight and “Matarife” 8c+/9 in Larraona, Navarra.

Eneko scends “Es Mirall” 8b Mallorca; First free ascent after 31 years of the route was open.

“Marejada Fuerza 6” 8a+/500 m, Naranjo de Bulnes, Picos de Europa. First free ascent in 12h.


Iker scends “Clepteropa Original” 9a and “Odisea americana” 9a, First free ascent

“Aupa 40!” M.7/85º/V+/525 m, Aguja Guillaumet, Cordal del Fitz Roy, Patagonia Argentina; On sight and free opened in 10h.

“Yakumama” 7a+/185 m, Selva Amazónica, Perú. On day opened. First free ascent.

“Qui Io Vado Ancora” 7c+/8 a- 585 m, Chaupi Huanca 5.179 m (Valle de Rurec), Cordillera Real, Perú. First free ascent.

“Zerain” 8a/860 m, Chaupi Huanca Este 5.200 m (Valle de Rurec), Cordillera Real, Perú. New route.


“Agur” 8a+/400 m, Taradrate wall, Taghia, Morocco. New route.

“Leve Leve” 8b+/400 m, Cao Grande, Sao Tome e Príncipe, Africa. Opened and first free ascent.

“Nubivagant” 8b/400 m, Cao Grande, Sao Tome e Príncipe, Africa. First free ascent.

“Polvorilla” 7b+/c/170 m, Mallorca. Apertura de Eneko desde abajo y en solitario. Primera en libre.

Esclavos de las Redes 8c+/9a (Margalef). First free ascent.

Artaburu 9b/+? (Margalef). Opened and first free ascent.


“Haizea” 7b/+/550 m, Aguja de la S, Cordal del Fitz Roy, Patagonia Argentina. New route in alpine style and non-stop.

“Honey Moon” 7b+/330 m, Oujdad wall, Taghia, Morocco. Opened and first free ascent.

“Burrito Chin de los Andes” 6b/700 m, Cerro Tornillo 4.900 m, Cordillera Blanca, Andes, Perú. First in the north face. New route in alpine style and non-stop. First free ascent.

“Cabeza Clava” 6c+/470 m, Huanka Punta 4.670 m, Cordillera Blanca, Andes, Perú. First in the south face. First free ascent.

“Andean Kingdom” 7a+/800 m, Cashan Oeste 5.685 m, Cordillera Blanca, Andes, Perú. First in the north face. First free ascent.

“Aupa Gasteiz!” 7c+/160 m, Quebrada de Llaca, Cordillera Blanca, Andes Perú. New route.

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